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Lifespan Farmer's sorter extended
Friday, 15 May 2015
Department store chain Farmers from New Zealand is using a sorter to sort family fashion and accessories for their 56 stores across the country. The framework of the sorter is still robust but moving parts had suffered from wear and tear. The implementation of Equinox´s Sorter Doctor Upgrade Program, which was completed last week, prolongs the sorter´s lifespan considerably.    

Equinox MHE replaced old trays with new STS XL trays and replaced the chain and sprockets wheels and other moving parts as well. At the same time, several adjustments were made to induction platforms, monitors, photo cells and controls system etc. to ensure that the installation is compliant with the latest safety and production standards. A few years ago, Equinox had already provided the sorter with new software & controls because the old controls system was not supported anymore by the original vendor of the installation. 

With the addition of an extra induction point, the sorter's induction capacity has been doubled. New IT equipment including monitors and cashdesk scanner contribute to the increase of productivity and accuracy as well. 
Sorter Doctor Upgrade Farmers DC

Transitic Systems exhibits at Intralogistics Europe
Friday, 27 March 2015
Transitic at Intralogistics Europe 2015 

Transitic Systems is Equinox MHE's distributor in France. They are exhibiting at Intralogistics Europe, which is held in Paris Porte de Versailles from Tuesday 31 March to Thursday 2 April.

Transitic will be introducing its aerial conveyor technology for transporting, sorting and dynamic storage in an innovative way, so please bring your smartphone!

You can find them in Hall J, stand no. 091.
For more information, call +33 320 87 66 96 or visit www.transitic.com.


Grupo Jevaso purchases hang sorter
Tuesday, 24 March 2015
Hang sorter 

Spanish 3PL service provider Grupo Jevaso has recently awarded Equinox MHE with the contract for a hang sorter installation and control software in its warehouse in La Coruña (ES). 

Grupo Jevaso counts some prominent high street fashion retailers among its customers. 
The purchase is part of Grupo Jevaso's strategy to expand its services for clients.

The hang sorter installation has 180 exits and a total capacity of 10,800 hooks per hour. 
The system will be operational in September 2015.




Touch2Colour for multi client order picking
Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The newest addition to Equinox MHE's Touch2-family of manual sorting systems is Touch2Colour. This is a very user-friendly and economical solution for logistics operations with many SKUs or pick faces and medium to low order volume.

Touch2Colour close-up


How it works

First, configure Touch2Colour automatically by scanning the bar codes of the trolley and the coloured plates. This can be changed any time.

  1. Operator scans trolley ID bar code and bar codes of empty cartons on the trolley. 
  2. Touch screen shows which picking location the operator has to go to. 
  3. Coloured squares show how many items have to be picked and into which colour corresponding carton they have to be placed. 
  4. Operator taps touch screen to confirm and the next picking location shows up. 




Touch2Colour For more information,
please download the PDF. 
Automatisering e-commerce online drogisterij Farmaline
Thursday, 12 March 2015

Online drogisterij Farmaline uit het Belgische Tongeren heeft system integrator Equinox MHE eind februari het contract gegund voor de levering van een automatische sorteerinstallatie. Door de automatisering van het e-commerce proces rondom zelfzorggeneesmiddelen gaat de capaciteit bij Farmaline flink omhoog en wordt de kans op fouten verkleind. 

Farmaline beschikt eind juli over een Slide Tray Sorter Compact met twee inductieposities, 37 uitgangen en een capaciteit van 4.000 trays per uur. 

Bijzonder aan de sorteerinstallatie is dat zij in staat is om hele kleine producten, bijvoorbeeld tubetjes, uit te sorteren. De reden is dat de trays onder een hoek staan, waardoor producten ten gevolge van de zwaartekracht altijd onderin komen te liggen. Onderin de trays is een strook aangebracht met barcodes. Een scanner detecteert het product in de tray door te scannen of alle barcodes leesbaar zijn of niet. 

Operators scannen de producten manueel voordat ze hen in de trays plaatsen, waardoor in het systeem precies bekend is welk product zich in welke tray bevindt. De orders worden verzameld in chutes. Zodra een order gereed is, licht een rood LED-lampje op. De operator haalt de order uit de chute, stopt de producten in een doos, plaatst die op de transportband naar de paktafels en drukt de LED uit om het station klaar te maken voor de volgende order. 

Ook de pakbonnen worden met de Slide Tray Sorter Compact uitgesorteerd. Bij de paktafels scant een operator de pakbon en vervolgens wordt automatisch een adreslabel met code per postbedrijf geprint. Gerede verpakkingen worden gepalletiseerd en zijn dan klaar voor verzending. 

De software & controls van de Slide Tray Sorter Compact worden met een interface gekoppeld aan het WMS van Farmaline

Slide Tray Sorter Compact


JBC Mode turnkey solution on YouTube
Monday, 02 March 2015


JBC Mode turnkey solution

During LogiMAT 2015 in Stuttgart in February, Equinox MHE showed a video of one of its latest projects: JBC Mode in Houthalen.

The design, engineering and implementation of the turnkey solution made it possible for the Belgian fashion retailer to align its logistics process with its growth strategy.

The video has now been uploaded to Equinox MHE's YouTube channel. Please click on the image to start the video. 



Equinox MHE at LogiMAT 2015
Monday, 02 February 2015

Equinox MHE is exhibiting at LogiMAT 2015 in Stuttgart on 10, 11 and 12 February. 

With the growth of e-commerce and fulfilment, the demand for automating internal 
logistic processes has increased, too. 
At LogiMAT 2015 we would like to show Equinox MHE´s latest developments in response to those challenges:
√ The Slide Tray Sorter with XL trays for sorting products of all shapes and sizes. 
√ Touch2Sort for accurate and fast manual batch sorting. 
√ High speed label line to identify, scan, weigh, measure, label and presort items.
√ Turnkey system integration projects for an e-commerce & postal logistics company and a fashion retailer.

If you are planning to go to LogiMAT 2015 yourself, please come and visit us at stand 3B26 in Hall3!



LogiMAT 2015  








High Speed Label Line
Friday, 30 January 2015
If you combine a pocket belt with a system for Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning and
Optical Character Recognition, then add label applicators for labelling items with a bar code
and finish with a Cross Track Sorter for presorting, what do you get?
 High Speed Label Line

The High Speed Label Line, a single automated solution for all those logistical activities.
easily integrated system is able: 
√ To process up to 3,500 items per hour.
√ To quickly identify addresses, even handwritten. 
√ To capture and provide real-time and accurate data of the products with DWS and OCR.


The High Speed Label Line:
√ Certified 'legal for trade'.
√ Suitable for parcels,packets, poly bags and large envelopes.
√ Label applicators beneath pocket belt instead of above it - no adjustment of applicators
 to height necessary.

For more information, please download the PDF.

Productleaflet High Speed Label Line











Surprisingly effective Cross Track Sorter
Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Cross Track Sorter is a clever and cost-efficient piece of shipping equipment to have in your warehouse.

It is a modular, low-tech and surprisingly effective system, consisting of roller conveyors for transporting parcels and trays, and a comb that pops up from beneath the roller conveyors and whose fingers divert items in a perpendicular direction.

With a Cross Track Sorter you are able:
√ To accurately sort and ship up to 3,500 items 
per hour.
√ To occupy a minimum of space in your warehouse
because of its slim design.
√ To discharge items directly into custom containers
or have them cumulated first on a roller conveyor belt.

The Cross Track Sorter handles parcels, poly bags, trays, large envelopes, book, CDs, DVDs, etc.

If you want to know more, please download the PDF with product information.

PDF Cross Track Sorter





Cross Track Sorter - e.g., with roller conveyor belts







Sorter talk at Logistics and Transport Forum
Friday, 12 December 2014

Equinox MHE´s Product Development Manager Peter Voet
was invited to speak at the Logistics and Transport Forum conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, whick took place on
December 4, 2014. 

Peter´s presentation was about how sorting installations can improve productivity in warehouses and distribution centres. 

Most DCs start out with manual order picking. According to Peter sorters can improve productivity up to 10 times, provide
a higher accuracy level and offer better data capture possibi-
lities. For a (shortened) version of his presentation, click 

The Logistics and Transport Forum is organized every year by Verslo zinios, a Lithuanian magazine. The conference was held in the Litexpo exhibition centre in Vilnius. Over 250 visitors from the Baltic states attended the conference. 

Peter Voet with 3D sorter






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