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Equinox offers a complete range of SERVICES for logistics and warehousing. Equinox analysts will help in determining the best number and locations for your warehouses, optimize your facility layout, determine the best mix of storage and handling equipment and the ideal implementation strategy.
Equinox can design and implement all necessary IT systems and integrate them to your new or existing ERP system.
For your ongoing operational challenges, Equinox offers efficiency and problem solutions consultancy, system optimization training, preventive maintenance and ongoing daily support. Everything to keep the operation running smoothly and efficiently.

Sorter Doctor Upgrade Program
Sorter Doctor Upgrade Program is an upgrade program for non-performing sorters. No matter who made them originally, no matter what kind of sorter or peripheral systems. Most important: no matter the kind of software & control they are now equipped with. 
If you are no longer satisfied with the performance of your sorting installation, perhaps Sorter Doctor Upgrade Program may be just what you need.

Equinox systems control mission critical operations in the distribution process. SUPPORT is therefore a key element to our clients and a cornerstone of the Equinox organization. Our support professionals are available 24/7 to meet your most demanding requirements. We use the latest technological tools to analyse any issue which may arise. UMTS cards are utilized to allow our experts to dial in remotely to diagnose, analyze and rectify issues in real time. In the remote chance that an issue can not be resolved online then a product support expert is dispatched to your site with a predefined response commitment.

Operational Consultancy

Equinox has al lot of experience and knowledge in the logistics area. Equinox specialists can advise you on optimization of your warehouse lay-out and product flow within your distribution centre. All logistical processes from receiving till shipping can be supported by material handling equipment or software. Our specialists know the available alternatives and can help you in the selection of the best alternative for your specific needs. This can also mean a solution without automation.

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Equinox is a logistic system integrator for distribution centers. We provide turnkey solutions for your global supply chain. For all logistic processes we can provide you with a suitable hardware, software or combined solution that will help you improve your productivity and accuracy. We always look for the best solution. If we cannot provide the best solution with our own products we will integrate systems from our global partners.