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This page shows the segments Equinox is active in. Equinox provides solutions with the use of an automated sorter and manual solutions. Important for every solution is the software & control, which you can find under products.

Sorting Postal & Parcel

For the postal & parcel industry, the volumes for parcels, packages and large letters (rest mail) is on the increase while the flow of letters has been decreasing for a couple of years now. Our solutions for these products are installed at 3PL's and couriers all over the world. Both Slide Tray Sorter and Oval Sorter (aka split tray sorter) are options for postal & parcel sorting, as you can see in this YouTube video playlist

Sorting Fashion Industry

The retail fashion industry has been the founder of the retail sorting process and the fashion industry still forms a major part of our clientele. We provide retail, e-commerce, wholesale and 3PL customers with the best solutions available for both hanging garments and flat garments, shoes and accessories. At our YouTube channel you can find a playlist with fashion sorting solutions

Sorting Multimedia

With the growth of e-commerce activities, the need for good sorting and distributing solutions for multimedia like books, DVDs, CDs and magazines has grown too. A couple of years ago, Equinox came up with the solution in developing the Slide Tray Sorter. This systems has now been installed at many DCs from where multimedia are distributed. At our YouTube channel you can find videos with sorting solutions for multimedia .

Sorting E-commerce & Fulfilment

E-commerce is one of the hottest topics in the distribution industry. The big number of orders, compared to the retail flow, changed a lot in the processes. Equinox provides solutions for big and small E-commerce companies. The Slide Tray Sorter is suited to sort the incoming, as well as the outging flow. Which makes it possible to decrease the number of stored goods by directly sorting out to the right order. At our YouTube channel we have compiled several videos of sorting solutions for e-commerce and fulfilment.

Sorting Other

Next to the segments mentioned above Equinox MHE is active in Pharmacy, Spare Parts & Components, Electronics, Food, Lenses and automotive. Due to our 60 FTE working at our software & control, we are well known as a provider of solid and smart solutions.