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Line Sorter Rental Concept Print E-mail

Do you recognise one of these situations? Then perhaps renting a sorter is the solution for you!

  1. Are there large peaks in the product flow in your DC?
  2. Do you manage 3rd party logistics (3PL) with short term contracts with your end customers? And is this why you cannot calculate a Return On Investment for a sorter machine?
  3. Do you have an operational budget to run your logistical operation but no investment budget available?
  4. Do you think a sorting installation is the right solution for you, but would you first like to test this in real life?


The Equinox Line Sorter rental concept is unique. There are no other sorter machines for rent on the market. The Line Sorter is suitable for this concept, because it can be transported to your DC in complete sections. Any other sorter machine has to be built from a to z within the four walls of your DC. The Line Sorter is suited for sorting flat garments, multimedia, electronics, parcels & large letters and other non breakable flat goods. 

Line sorter for rent